With over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we are privileged to be able to provide our showroom partners with a truly unique collection of sinks and accessories that sets them apart and ahead of the competition.

Going a step beyond our original 100% guaranteed hand painted designs; we are now offering the "Artisian Collection" of bathroom sinks that cannot be equaled by anything else in the plumbing industry.

The "Artisian Collection" consists of a line of handcrafted traditional decorations that are applied (the French use the term Applique) by hand to the sink during the manufacturing process becoming, therefore, an integral part of the sink after firing.

This collection allows your customer to choose from an ever increasing variety of Applique Decorations. They can choose one of our sink models and select the decoration they want applied to it. They also have the option in many cases, depending on the decoration and the sink chosen, of deciding if they want the decoration applied on the inside or outside of the sink.

This combination of hand applied decorations plus hand painting in the "Artisian Collection" adds a new dimension and captivates the imagination of those customers interested in creating a truly unique environment in their Bath and Powder Room.